Norbert Industries, Inc.

Starting out as a small shop known as "Tool Specialties" nearly 40 years ago, Norbert Industries is now a multinational company, employing 350 individuals in four facilities in the United States and Poland. Today the Norbert companies supply precision machined and assembled components to customers in North America, Asia, and Europe.

ISS manager, Annette Van De Winkle, originally met with Prime Office in June of 2003 to discuss the costs associated with document printing and duplicating on Norbert's fleet of HP printers and standalone copiers. After conducting a thorough document workflow analysis, Prime was able to offer a solution that not only improved document workflow, but also significantly reduced Norbert's expenses. Annette shares her feelings below:

"How do you spell relief? K-Y-O-C-E-R-A!
As an IT Manager of approximately 75 workstations, we had printer problems consistently. Kevin Macklem from Prime Office came in and very professionally showed me how we can improve our current printing night-mare.

After comparing the costs of our plan presented by Prime Office, it sounded too good to be true, but I decided to give him a try with one printer. Soon, I found out it was true and have since added three more printers and two copiers. Not only are we saving money, we are also saving precious time that we had spent troubleshooting and maintaining the old printers.

It's been nine years we have been with Prime Office and they have proven to be a good corporate decision."

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