JBL Systems, Inc.

Located in Shelby Township, Michigan, JBL Systems is a worldwide supplier of pneumatic and electrical components used in metal stamping dies. It has served the Metal Stamping Industry for over 25 years, specializing in the development and supply of products that meet current die standards.

Prime's newest Document Management Consultant, Joe Rusnak, found JBL in a bad situation; its copier was down and out! Joe provided a consultative approach to helping JBL find a better solution to what it had in the past. Joe met with Ilene and Mitch who informed him of what they wanted on their next machine. Joe returned to them with a previously enjoyed Kyocera MFP that fit their budget and met and exceeded all of their expectations.

Here is what JBL has to say about Prime Office Innovations: "Service - Fast, fun, and friendly. Prime does a great job of providing a vast amount of information on multiple solutions options which made it clearer for us to decide in what direction we wanted to go.

Training - Dawn came out to our location after we had been using the machine for about a week and went over the machine options and functions. She answered all our questions that we had for her from using the machine for a week with no instruction. This allowed her service to be more specific to our needs and what we require.

Delivery and Setup - Between Prime's expertise and our in-house IT Admin, they had the machine up and run-ning in less than 30 minutes. Office staff was thrilled at the minimal amount of downtime during the install."

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