Gordon Management Co, Inc.

Gordon Management has been managing properties for 36 years and has an outstanding collection of residents & staff.

They have also been honored to receive many awards from the Glastar /Property Management Association, competing amongst the best in the State of Michigan. Some of their awards included; Best Maintenance team, Best Maintenance Person, Best Housekeeper, Best Floor-plans, Best leasing office, Best Advertisement.

The Mission of Gordon Management Company is to provide its Clients with exceptional supervision of their investment properties with measurable results as well as high-quality timely service to all of its residents.

Why did you decide to go with Prime?

When we became dissatisfied with our prior printing solutions provider, we began to explore our options with other companies—and in the process, heard praising referrals and recommendations of Prime’s level of service and support.  This definitely piqued our interest and from our very first meeting with Prime we discovered that reputation to be well-earned.


 What do you like best about the machine?

All of the equipment we’ve purchased through Prime has been reliable and easy to operate; for our day to day business needs at numerous locations, it’s important that our staff are able to utilize multifunctional devices consistently and with minimal downtime, which Prime’s recommendations have delivered.


What are your favorite features of the machine?

Shortcut functionality has helped to streamline regular processes; in our operations we perform a great deal of document scanning for our digital record-keeping and these machines have helped keep that accessible and painless.  Having Prime’s software handle automated usage auditing and re-ordering toner supplies has been an extra perk to reduce headaches and keep our teams able to focus on the day to day without hassle.


Would you recommend Prime to other local businesses?

Absolutely.  Not only have we been very satisfied with the performance and pricing of the equipment we’ve purchased off of Prime’s recommendations, but we’ve been very satisfied with the level of customer service and support we have consistently received from the team at Prime.  From all branches of the organization we’ve interacted with, the process has always been painless and positive—and in the few instances where we’ve had issues whether mundane maintenance or more unusual configuration needs Prime has endeavored diligently to find us lasting solutions.

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