Earl Smith Distributing Company

Earl Smith Distributing is a locally owned and operated wholesale distributor of beer, wine, soda, and water. The company sells to bulk (large quantity chain) stores, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, and convenience stores in St. Clair and parts of Sanilac, Huron, Tuscola and Lapeer counties. Earl Smith Distributing Company has been in business since 1933, now has 75 employees, and generate revenues of $30,000,000.

Business operations consist of sales/marketing & merchandising personnel who pre-sell and setup the product, which is delivered and stock rotated by drivers. Regular inventory and warehouse personnel monitor inventory, load/unload full cases/barrels and empty containers (reclamation) to/from trucks, and office personnel. It also has its own custom sign making functions implemented by a Graphic Artist. College students are hired as part-time merchandisers and driver helpers for the busy summer season. Tim Ruff and Christine Mass both agree

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