Wide Format Printers Prove Print Isn’t Dead

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We are living in a digital world. Or are we? Well, in many ways yes, particularly for millennial-run businesses and Internet start-ups, but more sophisticated companies know that print it still a big deal. Let’s take a look at why.

Is Print Dead?

While many marketers and advertising agencies will say yes, we disagree. Although much of the ad revenue has moved online, there is still—and possibly always will be—room for print media. For example, let’s think about your daily commute. While you are listening to music and reading tweets on your phone, stop and look around you. See all those posters in the train station and ads on the train, well those were printed with a wide format printer.While some people are digesting their morning news, many are still reading the newspaper and looking at beautiful signs.

Print Is More Polished

There is still something about print media that lends itself to credibility. Perhaps it stems from so many fly-by-night websites that have come and gone or these appeal of a physical piece of paper. Either way, there is still a significant portion of the population that trusts digital print over online marketing…and finds it more engaging. For those in marketing, your goal is maximum engagement and retention, so it is best not to abandon print altogether just yet. Even the hippest of companies recognize a need for both digital and print advertisements.

Reputation and Reliability

For business and industries that still rely on print, it is essential to produce professional, high-quality print projects. This is particularly important for building credibility as well as maintaining an established reputation.

Wide format printers offer flexibility, cost-savings, and proficient results from an in-office machine. Having an in-house wide format printer reduces the cost of outsources print jobs and give you better control of the schedule and results.

Whether you’re an engineer in need of high-quality schematics, an architect who needs to print large blueprints, or an advertising whiz who needs panels for a tradeshow booth, Prime Office Innovations can find the right WFP for you.

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