SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company, headquartered in Port Huron, Michigan, is a regulated public utility that delivers natural gas to approximately 290,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in service territories in the southern half of the state's Lower Peninsula (including in and around the cities of Albion, Battle Creek, Holland, Niles, Port Huron, and Three Rivers) and in the central, eastern, and western parts of the state's Upper Peninsula.

SEMCO ENERGY was one of Prime Office’s very first accounts and has been a very happy customer since receiving their first machines in 2002. Here is what Facilities Analyst, William Veal, had to say about the quality of both product and service SEMCO ENERGY has received from Prime Office over the years.

“Can you say customer service and reliable functional products along with outstanding personal support? I just like to say Prime Office. It means the same thing. SEMCO ENERGY has dealt with some of the people at Prime Office.... even before there was Prime Office and we continue to do business with them today.

Since the inception of Prime Office, SEMCO ENERGY has deployed the Kyocera line of copiers in its office buildings and operation centers throughout the state of Michigan. Standardizing copiers have made it easier for our users, especially when travelling to different offices. They know how to use the machines and know what to expect from them. Kyocera products consistently rank high in reliability in the annual Industry Analyst, Inc. reports.

Nearly 20 units in 9 different locations and it has been one stop shopping for us.   Whether a multifunctional device is needed in our Port Huron office or an office in the Upper Peninsula, one call is all it takes.  Even when Prime Office is not personally doing the installation and service, I know everything will be taken care of. Prime Office works diligently and efficiently with their business partners to ensure our requirements are meant and SEMCO ENERGY is completely satisfied.

Everything being said, the greatest value is being able to pick-up a telephone, call Prime Office and connect to a real human being, who is knowledgeable and eager to help. Dealing with Prime Office is like dealing with family. Their employees are one of their greatest assets. And I can honestly say, I know most of them by their first name. If you need to talk to customer service, the trainer or even the President it can be accomplished with ease.

Prime Office Innovations, it is an easy recommendation to make!”

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