Your Doctor's Office and its Documents


In a doctor's office, everyone has their particular job. There are doctors, nurses, technicians, front desk assistants, office staff and others. Something all of these various employees will have to do once in a while (or for some, every day) is use the printer and interact with files. A doctor's office can only be expected to get busy, so with documents being an integral part of everyone's jobs, it is crucial to make sure that the document system is run efficiently.


Wide Format for a Wide Variety of Options

Wide Format

Wide format printing is a wonderful thing. It opens up a whole new world of options for your business, and we aren't talking about cheap flyers to drop on people's doorsteps. We are talking about vibrant banners, useful office posters, window signs and so much more. Wide format printing allows you to take advantage of pristine prints on a large scale, capturing your audience where they already are: walking down the street, driving on the freeway, sitting in a lobby. Wide-format has kept its place in the world of print marketing, and it could be just the thing for your business today.

What is a Managed Services Provider?

Document Management

It is a pretty easy trend to see: everyone has things on their plate they just do not want to do. This is seen on the individual level, the employee level, the management level and the business level. You might have an employee or coworker take over a project because you do not want to do it. Maybe it is reassigned because Steve just has a knack for this type of problem. Whatever the case, we have all experienced this situation. On the business level, this is where Managed Services Providers come into play.

Marketing: Why Print is Not Dead

Print Solutions

Marketing has changed exponentially over the years. It has gone from newspaper ads to online e-newsletters to social media promotions at a rapid pace. With so much change happening in marketing, does print marketing still serve a purpose in the professional business world? It is a question worth asking and could be beneficial to your business to know the answer. Where is your business on print marketing? Are you actively printing media to share with your audience, or have you written print marketing off as obsolete and out of date for this day and age?

Multifunction Printers—The Office Superhero and Then Some!

multifunction systems

By now the secret is out—multifunction systems are the hero of many successful offices. You may have heard a lot about them and wondered if one was right for you. Well, the answer is yes, and here is why!

Best in (Trade) Show: Top Tips to Make Your Wide Format Graphics Pop

wide format

Fall is a popular season for conferences and tradeshows. So, it is with that in mind that we take a look at the latest in wide format printing. And, if you are in an industry where these types of events are common, then you know all too well how important signs, banners, and posters for your trade show appearance.

When creating wide format (or large format) visuals, it is important to follow best practice tips to get the best possible product.

Security Enhancements and Audit Improvements with Document Management

Document Management

Regardless of your business type or industry, you cannot avoid the need for a document management system. Businesses of all sizes struggle with the task of organizing and managing large amounts of data and papers. Document management can ease the burden through a variety of features.

Everyday Benefits

A DMS can track, store, and maintain vast amounts of electronic documents making them easier to manage and access. Here are some ways it helps streamline workflows:

Printer Security: A Make or Break Reality

Print Solutions

Home and office printers are no longer just “plug and play” machines. They have become sophisticated equipment that can scan and store documents as well as print them. Due to the advances in technology, part of your print solution must include printer security

printers must be secured just like computers and mobile devices.

How to Protect Your Business From Toner Pirates


We've all heard of phishing and online scammers, but did you know that there are scammers who may call you under the guise of selling toner? So-called "toner pirates" prey on unsuspecting employees, generally over the phone, and pose as legitimate companies. These attacks have become more prevalent in recent years. Here's what you can do to protect your business.


Color Printing Can Save You Money: Here's How

Wide Format

When business professionals talk about black-and-white ink versus color, they're often weighing costs. After all, the old understanding of printing dictates that color printing is too expensive, and that black-and-white is a better default for most business printing. But what if color printing could reduce your overall costs?


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